Rick's Recession Tour


"Florida, it's a great place to live and really hard place to earn a living."




working families and community members in Jacksonville discuss Florida’s unequal - and in many places, dismal - economic recovery


"How can you count a job that doesn't exsist as a job? So when we hear 300 thousand, 300 million jobs...that rick scott says...many of those jobs have yet to be created. and some of them never get created."

- State Senator Audrey Gibson, Senate District 6


"Rick Scott has spent 8 years giving corporations, 8 years giving special interests, 8 years of giving lobbyists the farm. He gave it all away. Darn near everything but the kitchen sink."

- Ben Frazier, President, Northside Community Coalition


"Florida can never be a leader if it does not invest in the future it's young people. Over the past 8 years Rick Scott has consistently slashed and underfunded the public education system diverting millions of taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private charter school corporations. Hmmm. "

- Tim Steven, Working Student, Jacksonville University


"3 generations of workers are competing for salaries not based on skill but salaries based on limbo...how low will you go?"

- Tim Steven, Working Student, Jacksonville University


"Compassion is using our support to create affordable housing so that people aren't on the street in the elements day and night. Not giving tax cuts to billionaires so that they can buy their sixth mansion or buy back stocks with profit."

- Matthew Killen, Veteran and Founder of Clean City Saturday




Rick's Recession Tour Continues Through Gainesville Shining Spotlight on North Central Florida Counties Still Living in a Recession 

Between Alachua and surrounding counties, roughly 160,00 households qualify as “Working Poor.”


"10 years ago, Florida was slammed by the great recession, 10 years later coming to the end of Governor Rick Scott’s eight years in office, very little has changed."

- Alachua County Commissioner Ken Cornell, District 4


"The type of jobs that have come about during Rick Scott's tenure are low-wage, short hour jobs that don't provide any type of financial stability

We need better jobs, not just more jobs."

- James Ingle, IBEW 1205 President


"I can't believe the gall of a governor that can look at a man who now has to work 2 or 3 jobs and point to that as a success story.

It misses the point of not just good jobs but of a way to make a decent living."

- James Ingle, IBEW 1205 President


"We are a very wealthy state, full of very poor people and while Florida is a great place to live, it’s a very hard place to earn a living. 

If we continue to follow these policies, we’ll have a lot of millionaires and the people that serve them."

- James Ingle, IBEW 1205 President


"I watched my friends get their diplomas and walk off the other the stage, head first into a recession. A lot of students today are asking the same questions about whether stable, higher-paying jobs will even exist in Florida when they graduate."

- Gainesville City Commissioner David Arreola




For our future florida delivered thousands of petitions collected by our regional teams all over the state to Governor Rick Scott's office demanding he take action to end #RicksRecession.




Volusia and Brevard County Included In Over Half Of Florida’s Counties Still Living In A Recession.


"Florida’s families are not being included in the benefits their labor is producing - as they are forced to work longer hours, many working multiple jobs, making less money to make ends meet in an economy where everything costs more than it used to."

- Volusia and Flagler Central Labor Council President Josh Leclair


"The fact is after Scott's two terms in office, millions of people across the state and in communities like Daytona Beach - where we are standing today - are still living in a recession. There's no one else to blame. This is Rick’s Recession, and he needs to own this and get to work on fixing it."

- Volusia County Councilwoman Joyce Cusack



For Florida’s Future Launches Rick’s Recession Tour In Tallahassee, Shining Spotlight On Over Half Of Florida’s Counties Still Living In A Recession, Including Gadsden, Liberty, Wakulla and Jefferson


"Rick scott and the state legislature are just pushing the same policies that help the same corporate interests, the same financial backers of their campaigns. That's not how florida should FUNCTION. The state that florida is in right now is not right."

- Jeremy Matlow, Owner of Gaines Street Pies


"Median wages are 87.2% of the national average. Florida median family income $47,886, thats the 36th worst in the nation.

And we’re the 4th worst in the nation for income inequality, With the bottom 99% earning 43 times less per year than the top 1 percent"

- Rich Templin, Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Director


"The problem is no leadership from down the hall to do anything but the same trickle-down economic, bumper sticker, 3-second sound bite politics that this governor has proposed and continues to push."

- Rich Templin, Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Director